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CIPI's vision is to be the leading distributor in the communications markets we serve.

We will provide our customers knowledge, service and convenience. As we strive to realize our vision, we will treat our customers, employees, vendors and the community we serve ethically, professionally and equitably.


CIPI will provide reliable, effective, modern and integrated communication services for Beauval and area. CIPI will provide value to its customers by offering high quality communication services, continually improving customer care, and unwavering commitment of its employees. CIPI will assist qualifying local non-profit organizations and Beauval residents with their fundraising efforts through Ticket Sales, TV Auctions and Radio Pledge Drives. We will share our success with the community through worthwhile fundraising initiatives. Our standard is excellence and our model of success is teamwork.

Board Of Directors 

Bill Roy - President 

Nick Daigneault - Vice President 

Myrna Bouvier - Secretary/Treasurer 

Wendy Eldridge - Director 

Mervin Morin - Director 

Travis Laliberte - Director

Melissa Gauthier - Director  



Fred Roy - Manager 

Dion Gauthier - Receptionist 

Bertha Durocher - Radio Announcer

 Clarence Iron - Radio Announcer 

Carl Laliberte - Cable Technician 

Rachel Laliberte - Janitor 

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